Canine Reproductive Services

Ponemah Veterinary Hospital

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Canine Reproductive Services

The following canine reproductive services are offered at Ponemah Veterinary Hospital:

  • Genetic screening (including all OFA, Optigen and PennHip tests)
  • Interpretation and consultation on genetic test results
  • Pre-breeding evaluations
  • Infertility work-up for both the dog and bitch
  • Ovulation timing utilizing progesterone interpretation, vaginoscopy and exfoliative cytology
  • Breeding management
  • Artificial insemination and assisted natural breeding
  • Semen collection and analysis
  • Pre-shipment semen testing
  • Chilled semen preparation and shipment - The Chill/Ship Kit is a system that provides safe shipment of chilled semen and prevents damage to sperm cells due to over-handling during the collection, packaging and shipping process.
  • Pregnancy evaluation
  • Obstetrics (including c-section and neonatal care)
  • Educational seminars
  • and more.

We look forward to improving and supporting your breeding program. If you have questions concerning reproduction, please contact Dr. Jen Estle or call to make an appointment for your dog.

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