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Internet Pharmacies

Ponemah Veterinary Hospital is not able to prescribe medications through unlicensed pharmacies, including any unlicensed internet pharmacy.

We have established this policy to safeguard your pet and to ensure that you receive only the correct, quality-assured medication that we have prescribed for your pet.

Some Internet sites have been prosecuted for selling misbranded medications not approved by the FDA or for buying medications from foreign countries and repackaging and selling them as licensed drugs from the United States, which they are not. There have also been concerns regarding improper storage of vaccines and medications at temperatures too high or too low which could damage the products.

Due to the hazards associated with improper manufacturing and storage of pharmaceuticals and the lack of guarantee from most manufacturers for products purchased from internet pharmacies, we do not recommend purchasing veterinary prescriptions from online pharmacies.


It is our goal is to make it convenient, safe and economical to obtain your pet's medication and to prevent risks to your pet's health from the purchase of questionable or substandard medication.

There are 2 recommended methods for purchasing your pet's medications:

1) Purchase medications directly through our practice.

2) Purchase from a local compounding pharmacy when needed.