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Lester's Photos

A look into the character of Lester.....

Lester is a very unique cat. He has incredible personality and character and provides love and entertainment to many on a daily basis. Enjoy his pictures!

Lester Relaxing

It's a tough life...

Lester and friends

Lester mommy

Ummm Lester? You're a boy!

What? I'm comfortable!

He has moved into product endorsement

The kitty giraffe

You know guys, I don't REALLY need a Halloween costume!

An afternoon sunbath

Mr. Handsome

Lester & Rocky

There is no one that Lester doesn't love!

A rabbit's cage

He's so strange....

Deep in thought

Hmmm, interesting x-ray...

Testing the exam table

Ok, they work.... maybe I'll just take a little nap now

Enjoying his new sofa

This boy really needs to learn to relax a bit!

Hospital Supplies

No short supply of Lester!