Ponemah Veterinary Hospital - Amherst, NH - What Makes Us Different?

Ponemah Veterinary Hospital

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What Makes Us Different......

We know there are many veterinary practices to choose from, so why choose Ponemah Veterinary Hospital?

We really care about you and your pet. REALLY! We are a small, personal practice that values the relationships we create with pets and their parents. You are not a number to us. We care when a pet is ill, have concern for our clients, share grief when a pet passes and the joy when a new companion is added to a family.

Your Pet's Experience.....
What sets us apart is that inside of our love for animals, is a commitment, dedication, and sincere concern over the animal's experience at our practice. We are very gentle with our patients often providing an abundance of cuddles and kisses. We take the time during the examination to talk to the pet and calm him or her. It matters to us if a pet is upset or anxious. If a pet stays with us, we are equally as loving and gentle when the pet's parents are not present.

We believe that pets know 'pet people' and when you treat a cat or dog with respect, they in turn treat you with respect (usually). We try to create a warm, home-like, calming atmosphere utilizing wood tables or mats instead of metal surfaces, placing feline pheromones (calming hormones) in our exam rooms, and in general maintaining a positive, happy environment.

Your Experience......
We are committed to providing an amazing client experience. Our practice is warm and inviting with a home-like decor and soft colors. We find that if the pet parents are comfortable and at ease, the pets are also relaxed.

Open communication is very important to us. We take the time to answer questions in as much detail as a person would like. We explain what we are going to do before we do it and never have anything to hide. We have many resources for client education materials to help you better understand your pet's healthcare. We welcome dialogue so PLEASE, if you have questions, don't understand, or we do something that does not leave you fully satisfied, talk to us. One of our nurses or doctors is more than happy to have a conversation.

We respect clients' wishes. The recommendations we make for your pet come solely out of a commitment to provide the best possible care. We are thorough and we believe it is our responsibility to educate pet parents so that they are empowered to choose the appropriate care for their pet. We fully respect each individual's right to choose what they would like to do for their pet. No pressure.... just education & a conversation.

We are also happy to accommodate special requests such as putting our hospital cat away during your visit, examining your dog on the floor, not using needles in front of you, etc. Please feel free to voice your needs and we will do our best to make your visit the best it can be!

Highly Skilled Team......
We are proud of the education and skill level of our Pet Care Team. All of our nurses and our practice manager are Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT). This means that they completed required schooling and passed a national certification exam. This level of training is not required in the state of NH. Veterinary Technicians have a lot of responsibility and we believe that it is important to maintain a team of nurses that are qualified, competent, and trustworthy.

Teamwork & Communication......
Our Pet Care Team is truly a Team! All members are equally important and valued, each contributing to an aspect of the task at hand. Maintaining a cohesive team that is committed to excellence in care and customer service is a constant endeavor that while not always easy, is well worth while. Our open communication helps us to follow up on details in client and patient care as well as to not get distracted by coworker woes. Each member of the Ponemah Veterinary Hospital team is committed to maintaining our high standards and support one another in achieving our goals.

Almost every veterinary practice offers dental services. What makes us different is the level of training and quality of dental care that we provide.

Just as in people, pet dental disease hurts but our beloved pets cannot tell us when they have dental pain. Over 50% of pets over the age of 5 have painful dental disease and 95% of these pets will show NO clinical signs. They will continue to eat, they won't drool, won't have swelling, won't paw at their face or say "ouch".  Often once we deal with the painful condition, pet parents report an energy and interaction they have not seen in their pet in a long time.

What defines high quality dental care?
Knowledge, technique, use of proper pain management, dental x-rays, and high quality equipment.

Dr. Jennifer Edwards has extensive dental experience and has obtained advanced dental training including study with a board certified dental specialist in Colorado. This training not only solidified her knowledge & dental techniques but she also received training in the use of more advanced techniques such as bonded sealants. She is proud of her dental skills but will happily also offer a referral if your pet's condition requires treatment by a specialist.

Pain management is essential both during and after the procedure. We utilize a combination of methods including numbing the affected teeth and pain medication at home after the procedure depending on a pet's individual needs.

Dental radiographs are a standard part of all of our dental assessments and cleanings because our pets cannot tell us where the problem is. Over 80% of dental disease is under the gum line and is not visible on examination. Very frequently we find painful disease that would have gone untreated if dental x-rays had not been done. Taking x-rays "as needed" is not adequate as there is no way to know if it is needed until after it is done.

In addition to our x-ray system, we are proud to have a dental suite equipped with all of the high quality equipment that we might need.

Charitable Work......
We are proud to work closely with the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.  We see many of their animals for a variety of reasons and frequently help with much needed surgeries and dental work.  It is our way of giving back and doing our part to help the animals in need.

Equipment and Technology.....
Our hospital utilizes modern equipment to provide better care for your pet, often in less invasive ways. These investments are not required to provide veterinary care. We have made them because we are committed to providing each pet with the best care and treatment with the least pain or discomfort.

   Laser Surgery
: We are one of the few in the area to offer laser surgery. The surgical laser provides for less bleeding, less swelling, and less pain. It also allows us to do some surgeries less invasively with no incision or stitches such as small mass removals.

   Laser Therapy: Different than the surgical laser, laser therapy is laser light that is applied to areas of pain, injury, or surgery. It helps to decrease pain, decrease inflammation and speed healing. Visit our Laser Therapy page to learn more.

  Anesthesia Monitoring: We are proud to have patient monitors that measure multiple important vital signs. This helps our doctors and nurses to safely care for your pet while under anesthesia.

   Digital X-ray: Our computerized x-ray system takes high quality, diagnostic x-rays quickly and efficiently allowing for fewer retakes and more image detail. We can share images with clients or specialists and frequently utilize a teleradiology service to get an interpretation from a Board Certified Radiologist within a few hours.

   Digital Dental X-ray: The importance of dental x-ray is described above. The digital system allows for quicker xrays, shortening anesthesia time. Image quality is enhanced and images can be shared with ease.

   Electronic Medical Records: Our medical records are thorough, organized, and legible allowing for a patient's history to be accessed in seconds. Referrals are seamless with the ability to digitally transmit records, results, and x-rays.