Veterinary Technician

Originally from Massachusetts, Marissa moved to New Hampshire after graduating from UNH. She has always had a special place in her heart for animals and knew from a young age that she wanted to work with them.

She started by attending Essex Agricultural and Technical High School where she majored in Veterinary Technology and Research Animal Management. While in that program, she started working as a veterinary technician and receptionist in a veterinary hospital and continued this work for 6 years while attending college.

Marissa enjoys being able to bring smiles to the faces of our clients while also getting to be involved on the medical side at times.

Marissa enjoys time with her family and she currently owns 6 cats: Lily, Iris, TC (top cat), Bella, Sonya and Scotty. She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, rock climbing, swimming and other adventures. In her down time she also loves playing video games and watching anime.