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Ponemah Veterinary Hospital - Veterinarians serving Amherst, Milford, Bedford, Merrimack and the Hillsborough County area.

Welcome Dr. Jennifer Estle - Reproduction Expert

We are excited to welcome Dr. Jennifer Estle to our team!

She has a special interest in Canine Reproduction and is an experienced surgeon and general practitioner!!

Ponemah Veterinary Hospital exists to help your pet stay happy and healthy with the best quality of life possible.  We are committed to providing gentle, compassionate, thorough, and modern care.  

We will be open in our communication with you and honest in our recommendations.  Our goal is to help your pet feel secure and provide a calming and loving atmosphere.

We are your place to go for veterinary dental care!  Our doctors are highly trained and very experienced in modern dentistry and we utilize current technologies such as digital dental radiography, laser therapy, and laser surgery to proved the medical and surgical services your pet may need.

We want you to feel at ease and trusting with us and we welcome questions and dialog about your pet's medical care.  Education and service is our priority!

Since 2007, our highly trained team has been serving the needs of dogs, cats and pocket pets in Amherst, Milford, Bedford, Merrimack and the Hillsborough County area.  We are dedicated to becoming your partner in all of your pet's healthcare needs and we look forward to welcoming you and your animal companion into our PVH family soon!



Ponemah Veterinary Hospital Welcome Video

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