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Our Practice

Our Why

Everything we do starts with “Why”

  • Why do we do what we do, the way we do it?

We love what we do and we are committed to providing you and your pet with an outstanding experience. This literally drives us and means different things to each of us.

In this modern world of corporate medicine, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find personalized care with a provider that takes the time to know you. Veterinary medicine is no different.

As a small group with only a few doctors, we have the ability to do things as we see best for our patients. We can keep longer appointment times, carry the products we feel are best quality and operate under protocols that are the best in medicine, not the best for the board room.

In other words, we stay true to our “Why.”

Our Love for Animals

  • We are gentle and provide lots of cuddles and kisses to our patients.  
  • We talk to them to calm them – it matters if a pet is upset or anxious.  
  • We are respectful – when you treat an animal with respect, they treat you with respect.  
  • Comforting atmosphere – we use wood tables with mats and calming pheromone sprays to maintain a positive energy.  

Our Care for People

  • We know it is scary when your pet is not well. You love them… we do too.  
  • Our practice is home-like with inviting soft colors. If you are comfortable, your pet will be, too.  
  • We want you to understand, not just be instructed – open communication is crucial. We explain things in as much detail as desired and have resources for client education.  
  • Partnership and respect – the recommendations we make come from knowledge and a desire to provide the best care. We are thorough and we respectfully educate you so you can choose the care for your pet. No pressure…. just education and a conversation.  
  • We are accommodating – we value special requests such as examining your dog on the floor, not using needles in front of you, etc. Please voice your needs and we will make your visit the best it can be!  

Our Bond as a Work Family

As a practice owner, we are passionate about providing a workplace where her employees grow both professionally and personally and in which they feel they can be a contribution.

  • Constant education – in order to provide excellent care, we must have a skilled and knowledgable team. Education at PVH is constant, every day. In addition to formal lectures and online courses, our doctors continually teach our team new skills and philosophies.  
  • AAHA Standards – our voluntary AAHA Accreditation requires that every team member, no matter the position, maintain approved continuing education credits each year.  
  • Teamwork and communication – our team is close knit and each member is important and valued. Our communication is essential in order for us to focus on follow-through and detail so we may provide outstanding service.  

Our Commitment to Community

  • School children – children are a big part of many animals’ lives as well as the future of pet ownership. Through school visits and visiting groups such as Girl Scout troops, we help to educate children about pet care and responsible ownership.
  • Community education – Dr. Provencher enjoy giving educational lectures to various groups. If you have a need for a speaker, contact us and we will try to help!
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