When your pet is not feeling well, they cannot tell us what’s bothering them. Therefore it’s up to us to recognize the signs of a problem and address it as quickly as possible in order to improve the outcome. Veterinary diagnostics are tools that allow us to look beyond the physical exam to identify, diagnose and treat many illnesses, injuries and medical conditions.

We offer a range of diagnostic services including blood work, urinalysis, infectious disease testing, cytology, digital radiography and ultrasound. Many tests can be run in-house for fast results and our small sample sizes allow us to run tests on pocket pets as well. Our goal is to get to the bottom of what’s wrong and return your pet to a normal, active lifestyle as soon as possible.


We are proud to offer in-house ultrasound both by our doctors as well as by a visiting ultrasonographer who is a board-certified cardiologist or internist. If needed, referral for ultrasound is an option as well.


Sometimes the added interpretation from a specialist is useful. With our digital technology, we can send images and ECGs to board certified radiologists and cardiologists often receiving a same-day report.

Ask us for a copy of your pet’s radiographs on CD for your records. We would be happy to provide one!