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Nail Trims

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our certified veterinary technicians if your pet needs a nail trim.


A microchip is a tiny metal chip that is inserted under the skin on your pet’s back. The chip is safe and the insertion is a painless procedure, not much different than a vaccination. For convenience, we can implant the chip while your pet is under anesthesia for spay, neuter or dentistry.

The microchip allows someone who finds your pet to scan them and obtain a number that can be linked back to you. It is important to always keep your contact information current in their database so they can find you if needed.

Home Again offers an Active Recovery Program where they will put out a notice to all shelters, veterinarians and anyone else in their Recovery Network within a 25 mile radius of where the pet was lost. They also provide tools to help you make lost pet posters if needed and they will relay any important medical information that may be critical if the pet were found.

A pet with any microchip (not just a Home Again chip) may be enrolled in the Active Recovery Program. Ask us and we will assist you with the registration process. For more information, you can also visit their website.