We believe that prevention is the best medicine and place a strong emphasis on routine wellness care.

Wellness visits allow our doctors to identify problems early and to monitor for any changes to existing conditions. It is also a time to build our doctor-client-patient relationship so you can feel comfortable with us if your pet is in need and we can answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in your pet’s healthcare.

Wellness Visits Include:

  • Complete physical examination
  • Customized vaccination plan
  • Parasite prevention
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Wellness diagnostic testing

Puppy/Kitten Wellness Care

Nothing is more exciting and perhaps daunting than bringing home a new puppy or kitten. They are so cute and playful but with that comes questions about making sure you do all you can for them.

During your pet’s first visits with us, we will do a thorough exam and will develop a preventative healthcare plan according to your preferences.
Vaccination schedules, nutrition, supplements, parasite control, training, dental care and breed-related disease risk factors are discussed. We recommend that all kittens be tested for feline leukemia (FELV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Please remember to bring a stool sample to each of your puppy/kitten wellness visits.

Senior Pet Wellness Care

As our pets age, their needs change. Activity levels, metabolism, nutritional needs and diseases processes all start to shift once our pets are over the age of 7. We help to adjust your pet’s care as life changes.

Our senior recommendations include:

  • Senior blood work at least once per year
  • Nutritional adjustments
  • Screening for problems that start to become more prevalent
  • Monitoring blood pressure as indicated
  • Evaluating for and managing arthritis early

Vaccination Protocols

Risk factors and vaccination requirements vary with lifestyle. We work with you to assess risk and tailor vaccinations to individual needs. We are happy to discuss vaccines and any questions or concerns you might have.

We also can perform vaccination titers at your request for a few diseases. Please note that all cats, dogs and ferrets are required by state law to be vaccinated for rabies and we do not have the authorization to approve an exemption for any reason.

Parasite Prevention

Parasite control is important in all homes but more so in those with children, elderly or immunocompromised people. Parasites affect pets and some can also cause illness in people. Different pets may need different types of treatment depending on lifestyle.

We recommend:

  • Flea and tick control all year for all dogs and outdoor cats
  • Annual heartworm preventative administered every month for dogs and cats
  • Yearly (or more) fecal testing

Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition is as important for your pet as it is for you. No one food is right for all animals and it is important to assess each pet’s needs which vary with life stage, life style or disease.

Sometimes dietary supplements can be beneficial or perhaps a prescription diet is needed. We are here to help you with these decisions. Regardless of what food is chosen, please be sure to select a high quality diet from a reputable company. Not all pet foods are created equal, so please ask our doctors or nurses if you have questions about which food is right for your pet.

Behavior Counseling

We can provide basic educational information and assistance about behavioral issues and training. For more involved concerns, we may recommend contacting a reputable behaviorist or trainer.

Small Mammal Care

We provide care for small mammals including ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and other rodents.

Dr. Estle will also treat chickens. We are happy to provide referrals to exotic, bird or reptile specialists when needed.


When your pet needs surgery, you are concerned. We promise we will always do everything we can to make the experience as stress-free as possible for you and your fur baby and you can feel confident your pet will be in caring, competent hands.

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite allows for a wide variety of surgical procedures. Our well-trained, compassionate team is always on hand to carefully monitor the safety and comfort of each surgical patient – before, during and following surgery.

When a needed procedure is beyond our expertise, we have a traveling surgical specialist available to perform orthopedic surgeries as well as some specialty soft tissue surgeries. We also have the ability to refer your pet to a wide network of surgical specialty facilities. Whatever your pet’s surgical needs, we’re here to help!

Laser Surgery

Our doctors have extensive experience performing laser surgery. The surgical laser seals nerve endings and blood vessels resulting in less pain, bleeding and swelling and allows us to perform some procedures less invasively than without it. We can melt away small growths without cutting or suturing, sometimes with just locally numbing the area in an awake animal. We can also safely modify the nostrils and soft palate in “flat-faced” breeds which has vastly improved the quality of life of many dogs as they can then breathe much more easily.

Pain Management

We feel strongly about the use of surgical pain medications and utilize very progressive and comprehensive protocols before, during and after a pet’s procedure. Not all pain management protocols are equal so feel free to ask about what medications will be used for your pet. In most cases, we will also send a prescription home afterwards to help your pet recover as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Anesthesia Safety

Your pet’s safety and comfort are always our top priority. It starts prior to the procedure with a thorough exam and lab work to assess overall health status. We utilize only the safest available anesthetic protocols, and all patients undergoing surgery or dentistry are placed on IV fluids, which help to maintain blood pressure and protect the kidneys. While there are always risks associated with anesthesia, we take every possible step to minimize those risks. We tailor all medications to your pet based on type of procedure and overall health status and we use an electronic vital signs monitor as well as have our highly trained nursing staff diligently monitor your pet.