Debbie was raised near Seattle. In 1998 she moved to NH and soon began working at the front office of a busy and growing animal hospital. Debbie came to the veterinary business to work around animals, and found she particularly enjoyed customer service. She values her relationships with clients and educating them on pet health.

Canine behavior is a passion that developed after enrolling her young American Bulldog, Ben, into private obedience lessons. She saw how clear communication with her dog led to a much deeper bond and a happier pet! Debbie began volunteering at a canine training and behavior rehabilitation center in Maine. She loved it so much that she took 3 months off of work to apprentice at the training center. She continued training Ben, and the pair have competed and placed in weight pull, personal protection and obedience trials.

Debbie is also interested in human health and well-being, and is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. She currently instructs at New Hampshire Power Yoga in Merrimack. When not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends or just being outdoors. Debbie enjoys hiking, biking, cross country skiing and of course yoga.